Every island to a child is a treasure island

by P.D. James, The lighthouse



Ziwani. When I say that word, the words that pop into my head are paradise, mystery, ancient, happy and awesome. To some, no most people, if you said Ziwani, they wouldn’t think the same things as me. Ziwani is my home.

The moment I step onto the island it is like gravity is no longer there, and I’m floating in paradise. It is bliss hearing the grunt of the occasional hippo, or even the squeaking and squawking of a kingfisher. To my family and I, Naivasha is a get away from Nairobi’s chaos, hectic roads and over crowded supermarkets.

My favourite bit of the Island is being on the Hill. On the Hill you could be whoever you wanted to be, or do whatever you wanted to do. You could venture off and drift into your own world. Sometimes I would be mesmerized by the breath taking views, hypnotized by the voice of a tropical boo boo shrike or the sound of the fish eagle. All these sights and sounds took me with them, like the fish eagle hovering keeping a sharp eye out for any sight of prey. Then the African Jacana comes along and takes me to places I never thought I could go. Have you ever seen a bird or animal, and you cant stay grounded any longer? You float into a fantasy of your own, and become the bird or animal you saw. Believe it or not it happens to me unaccountable times on this place of paradise, Ziwani.

That’s only half of it, the fun starts when you get on the water. Once you are out there there is nothing you want to do more then put on your skis and jump in. While you sit in the water setting up, you hear the grunt of a hippo scaring the life out of you. As the engine of the boat roars to life like the crack of thunder, feeling the splash of the water on my face is a memory that doesn’t fade in time. It is one that will stick there forever, whether you want it to or not. However at the same time you feel the tug of the rope, like a disobedient dog yanking at his lead, as you make your way up to the surface. As you can imagine this is a memory that is as stuck in your brain as two bricks joined together by cement.

Ziwani is my home and a very unique island to Family and I. In all ways, Ziwani is the most magical and mystical island. No matter what happens in the future, Ziwani is a memory that I will preserve forever.

By Acacia Bell (11 years)

“Thanks for a fab weekend.  Luxury, scenery and sublime food”  Vicki and Adam Kennedy, author of several bird books and renowned ornithologist, UK

“What an amazingly beautiful spot you have created” Clare Lindsay, South Africa

“this has been a truly memorable Christmas…..Christmas water skiing and tubing, the most wonderful luxury of staying on your beautiful island….Alex your organizational skills and hostessing are second to none”  Nikki Bell, UK

“thank you for an unforgettable Christmas.  It is a very nice change to be out of the rain and cold and enjoy an incredible assortment of food and celebrations.  I feel priviledged to have seen the before and after its refurbishing and I have to say it was stunning.  Water skiing and tubing was an awesome experience and I can’t believe that Alex and her little team were able to produce such delicious meals and cater for all of us”  Max Martin, UK

“The trip to Ziwani was fantastic.  What an incredible house.  The kids adored the boat trips to see the hippos and the tubing/waterskiing”  Margaret Bell, UK

“What a magical place you have created here!  Such creativity, love and passion in every little thing here – just wow” Rachel West, safari guide, Kenya

“Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful paradise for the weekend.  Wonderful food and outstanding company” John Moller, safari guide, Kenya

“Most fantastic time I’ve ever had on the lake”  Mariantonietta Peru, renowned photographer, Kenya

“Thank you for the wonderful stay on Ziwani Island.  Enjoyed the panoramic views, boating on the lake, hiking up the hill, seeing the various wildlife…What a calming and relaxing place!”  Andrew Brown, USA

“Thank you all so much for a lovely stay, too short!  Congratulations on creating a beautiful and unique home”  Meriel and Malcolm Destro, safari guide, Kenya

“Thank you so so much for a marvelous weekend.  Ziwani is a corner of paradise.  We chilled from the moment we set foot on the island!  What beauty, what peace!”  Claudine Herd, Kenya

“Thank you so much for  a wonderful weekend at Ziwani – fun and relaxing and so peaceful for the soul – the birdlife amazing and always magical and different on the lake”  Helle Sejer-Hansen, Kenya